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  1. gensuperman
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    Hello _ck_,

    I have enjoyed using or trying out some of your plugins, however, I just intergrated my bbpress into the buddypress.

    I am currently using:

    Wordpress MU 2.7.1
    BuddyPress 1.0.2
    BBPress 1.0 (Current Latest Version)

    In buddypress we have the option of groups, so there can be group admins and each group can have their own forum/topics within these groups. The forums/topics created within these groups are actually on the bbpress side, but integrated visually into the buddypress's template themes side. Which I am sure that you are aware of all that.

    I don't know if your doing any work for buddypress (bppress), as I see that most of your plugins are for bbpress.

    I have tried using your bbpress signature plugin, but bppress uses a totally different profile system and doesnt integrate or use the wp-press mu's actual profile system. So, BP PRESS has its own profile system/fields. Also, BPPress is limited in features that it allows and doesn't integrate everything from BBPRESS. So, most of the BBPRESS plugins won't even integrate within BPPRESS properly. So, any plugins intended for bppress to work with bppress must be coded to work with bppress for it to show up. The BPPRESS plugins are installed into the wp-press mu's plugins.

    I was wondering, if you had any intention of creating a bppress signature plugin, since bbpress plugins won't show up in buddypress.

    I had written a post in regards to this back at buddypress forums:

    r-a-y recommended in that replied posts that:

    One way of doing this is to create a new textarea profile field entitled "Signature" and call it within each BP component you want to use it in.

    I know one of the BP mods, John James Jacoby, does this for one of his BP sites, specifically the bbPress forums (eg. a forum thread -, but I believe he only uses it for the bbPress forums and nowhere else across that BP site.

    However, I don't think it would be *too* hard to call it within the group forums and the wire (I say *too* hard with a little skeptism! hehe). You just would need to edit your BP theme in a number of places to do so.


    So, that would be great if there was a way to have the code embedded of a certain BP PRESS profile field to automatically post after each of the users posts. So, I guess if the user left that field blank in their buddy press profile, then it would not show up in the bottom of their posts.

    Keep in mind that profiles in the wp-press or bbpress don't show up in the buddypress profile areas. So, they are all separate, but the new group forums discussion area utilizes the bbpress forums to create (multiple) new topics in the bbpress board but visually embedded into the bppress themed areas.

    So... is this something that you might be interested in creating or designing, as I am looking for something for my website that will do this.

    I appreciate any help in the matter.

    The Skeleton barebone bp-press plugin:

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. gensuperman
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    I also posted about this on buddypress website:

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. _ck_

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    I do not intend to ever work with wpmu or buddypress.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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