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Thank you for donating towards my work on plugins for bbPress and WordPress!

I prefer Amazon gift cards via email - you can donate as little as $5

For the "recipient e-mail" please use        

Because Amazon keeps your information private, I won't even know your name or email unless you tell me in the optional fields. So please accept my sincere thanks now if I cannot email a "thank you"

Alternate: Donate via Bitcoin / Litecoin / Feathercoin

As an experiment, I am now also accepting donations via Bitcoin and Litecoin.
Bitcoin Address: 1GVVpK7GX7aguNSX7XHZCCMTAFmBt2YDQi
Litecoin Address: LdQmvDTUN1xtj4A6CR1EWjh3VLQEqbXGTC
Feathercoin Address: 6eebRX5ei3BcZeuNf1gFQzppZN9vEZ6Ga5

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Sites using at least one _ck_ plugin (estimated)> 9,000
Total _ck_ plugin downloads > 146,000

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